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The following are intended to be tutorials to orient users with the vAGC software. For more indepth procedures, refer to the GNC checklists. Diagrams will follow.

Program 11

Program 11 is automatically initiated on launch. It's main purpose is to monitor the boost phase. If this program fails to initiate the astronaut can call it manually by entering V75E. It can be called anytime before launch. When Program 11 begins, the CMC automatically starts its clock. The ascent program has a single 06 62 display

  • 06 62
  • Register 1: Inertial Velocity in fps
  • Register 2: Vertical Velocity in fps
  • Register 3: Altitude in .1 nm

These three values can be compared to a chart in the CSM launch checklist to ensure the spacecraft is on a proper trajectory. A second aide, the FDAI 1 error needles, point to the proper attitude of the launch vehicle. If all registers are close to the checklist values, and the error needles are centered, the Saturn is on the proper trajectory. The astronaut can take manual control:

  • V46E to start the digital autopilot.

The RHC will then allow the pilot to guide the launch vehicle.

Program 17

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