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This category contains all Project Apollo - NASSP checklists. When it's possible, the original Apollo documentation is used for the checklists. Steps, which are not possible at the moment, are denoted in grey. Additionally there are checklists in Word file format in the Doc\Project Apollo - NASSP\Check List directory of your installation. Procedural steps in this section are presented in tabular form and in sequence they occure during the mission. The following is a detailed explanation of the columnar data presented in the tabulated lists:

Apollo 15 launch checklist[1]
Time This column contains the mission time the procedure is to be done. Sometimes there's no fixed time when to do a procedure, in that case the time is left out.
Procedure The procedure is a group of steps or overall tasks involved in performing a complete function or operation. It often consists of controls the astronauts have to toggle or display readings that have to be checked. See CSM panels for more informations.
Panel The panel number of a particular switch or display for easier panel navigation.
Remarks Any useful comment. Please notice especially differences to the original function, bugs or other issues.

  1. Apollo 15 CSM Launch Checklist. July 9, 1971. NASA Manned Spacecraft Center. Houston, Texas. PDF [A15_LAUNCH_CHECK]