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This page provides documentation about how to edit and expand the Project Apollo wiki.

MediaWiki documentation

Article titles

Because of the current article URL format, & is not allowed in article titles anymore.


Sample image

To add an image, the image file has to be uploaded. Click on the "Upload file" link in the "toolbox" menu on the left site of every page. Upload the file under a suitable name, because renaming after uploading is not possible. Make sure that the file name has the proper extension. Please enter a small summary describing the image and refer to it's source. If you upload a screenshot, which should be listed in the screenshot gallery, add the image to the category "Screenshots".

To add the uploaded image to an article as a thumbnail at the right side as shown by the sample image, use the following syntax:

[[Image:SaturnV_on_pad.jpg|thumb|right|Sample image]]

There are many possibilities how to add and format an image, see the MediaWiki image help for more informations.

Project Apollo templates


A stub is a short article, which desperatly needs editing and more content. Look here for more informations about stubs. To mark an article as stub, insert


at the end of the article.


A redirect is a page with no content other than an entry in the form:

#REDIRECT ''linked article''

If the link is to an existing page in the same project, going to the redirect (by means of a link, the URL, or the Go button) results in the new page, just like following the link, except that the browser shows the original URL, and the new page shows a redirection message below the title. (To get the canonical URL in your browser's address bar, click the article tab.)


Project Apollo uses the Biblio extension. All references are on the References page. To cite a reference:

  • Check if the reference is already at the References page, add it if necessary.
  • Mark your cite, here the Apollo Operations Handbook as example:
  • Add the following to the bottom of the page to have a reference section:
<biblio force=false>

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